All existing issues with Windows 10 version 1903 (May 2019 update)

Microsoft keep a file of well-known issues of the new Windows 10 feature update, Windows 10 May 2019 update, or Windows 10 version 1903.

The rollout of the new version of Windows started on May 21, 2019; not every system can be upgraded instantaneously because Microsoft has gradually planned to increase quota for monitor feedback.

Known problem page currently lists many unresolved and concise issues. Some of these issues are trivial, e.g. Night light settings do not save correctly in some occasions while others, e.g. AMD RAID drivers are not capable of finding or connecting inconsistencies or Bluetooth devices, are prominent.

At present, all issues have been listed under investigation. Workarounds are available for some.

The following problems are currently known:

  1.  July 12: Dope can sometimes disappear with dope from Device Manager on Surface Book 2
  2.  July 12: Starting a remote desktop connection can be a black screen
  3.  June 11: WDS or SCCM servers may start failing to start using PXE devices
  4.  May 29: RASMAN service can stop working and results can be “0xc0000005”
  5.  May 24: Windows sandbox may not pass to found with error code “0x80070002″”
  6.  May 24: Loss of functionality in the Dinosaur Smartphone Link app (Hull)
  7.  May 21: Gamma ramps, color profiles and night light settings do not apply in some cases
  8.  Display cannot respond to brightness adjustment
  9.  Do not work with Dolby Atoms Headphones and Home Theater (Hull)
  10.  Duplicate the folders and documents that appear in the User Profile directory
  11. Unable to find or connect Bluetooth device
  12. Night Light settings are not applicable in some cases
  13. Intel Audio displays an intcdaud.sys notification
  14. Cannot Launch Camera App
  15. Intermittent loss of Wi-Fi connectivity
  16. AMD RAID Driver Incompatibility
  17. D3d applications and games may fail to enter full-screen mode on rotated display

The dope may occasionally disappear from device manager on Surface Book 2 with dope

Some apps or games that require graphics intensive operations can fail to open or close on the Surface Book 2 devices with Nevada dope.

Initiating a Remote Desktop connection may result in black screen

After you set up remote desktop connections with some older GPU drivers, you may get a black screen.

Devices starting using PXE from WDS or SCCM servers may fail to start

Devices that apply the Reboot Execution Environment (PXE) images from the Windows Deployment Service (WDS) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) may fail to start with the error “Status: 0xc0000001, info: An essential tool is connected Or maybe “can be reached”

RASMAN service may stop working and result in the error “0xc0000005”

RASMAN restore can end work and error may result in “0xc0000005”

Remote Access Connection Manager (RASMAN) service can stop working and you may receive error “0xc0000005” on devices where the diagnostic data layer is configured manually in non-default setting of 0.

Window Sandbox may be unsuccessful to start with error code “0x80070002

The problem affects Windows 10 systems in which the system language was changed during the update process. Windows sandbox cannot be started on affected devices, and in that case “ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0x80070002)” error is displayed.

Loss of functionality in Dynamos Smartphone Link app

Dieback affects Smartphone links after updating to the latest version of Windows. The call menu’s performance in the call menu and the ability to respond to calls on Windows PCs may affect.

Took the resolution.

Gamma ramp, blush profiles, and night light settings do not apply in some cases

Microsoft has famous some scenario where gamma ramps, color profiles and night lighting settings may stop working.

Display brightness may not respond to adjustments

Intel affects Windows 10 devices with hardware. The brightness changes cannot be applied immediately. Resume should be resolved so that changes are implemented.

Update blocks in place.

Audio not working with Dolby Atoms headphones and home theater

Microsoft affects two Dolby Atoms applications available on the store and may cause audio loss. Microsoft notes that the issue is due to a license configuration error.

Took the resolution.

Duplicate folders and papers showing in user profile directory

The problem affects the systems on which some known folders, e.g. Desktop or download was redirected to another location. After the upgrade users can see the empty folder at the default location.

Update blocks in place.

Error attempt to update with outside USB device or memory card attached

Update of Windows 10 version 1903 fails if an external USB device or SD memory card is connected to the system during the upgrade. Microsoft notes that it can also affect the internal hard drive.

Took the resolution.

Unable to discover or connect to Bluetooth devices

Compatibility problems with some related relays and Qualcomm Bluetooth radios cause discovery and connection problems. Updates of new drivers can solve problems. For Qualcomm, Microsoft recommends drivers greater than, for the relay, the driver exceeds version 1.5.1011.0.

Night light settings do not apply into some bags

Night light settings cannot be saved in some circumstances. Microsoft recommends disabling and enabling this feature, or restarting the computer.

Intel Audio displays an intcdaud.sys notification

Windows 10 can display your attention while trying to upgrade the system with some Intel Display Audio Device Drivers. If the problem refers to intcdaud.sys, the system is affected and the result may be higher than normal battery usage.

Microsoft recommends that you click Back to stop the upgrade.

Update blocks in place.

Cannot launch Camera app

Users on devices with Intel Real Sense SR300 and Intel Real Sense S200 cameras can not use the camera app. “lock new apps, error code: 0XA00F4243” may appear when the camera app starts.

Temporary workarounds include unplugging the camera and plugging it back, disabling driver in device manager and re-enabling or restarting the real sensing service.

Microsoft Technical Support Number +1-844-728-4045.

Microsoft Helpline Phone Number +1-844-728-4045.

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