Everything new, now available in the May 2019 update of Windows 10

The latest update of Windows 10 is May 2019 update, which is 1903 and it was code 19H1 during development. It has a light theme, speed improvements and lots of shine. There are no new features like My People or Timeline. And it’s out now

Microsoft had earlier told the April 2019 update of this Windows 10, but it was delayed. The stable update began on May 21, 2019, and became available to everyone until June 6, 2019.

How to get the May 2019 update

Microsoft is using a batch rollout strategy for this new update, so it is not immediately available for everyone, but it should be available soon. How to get it

Open Windows Update and you will either see the option of “Feature Update to Windows 10, Version 1903”, or you will have to click on check for updates. If you still do not see the option, then click on Check for Updates and then reboot your PC, and then try the process again.

Updates: Microsoft’s Mike Yabba

Most important changes in Windows Update

Microsoft announced its big changes to the way Windows 10 updates You’ll have more control over the way Windows 10 installs updates-or not.

Specifically, Windows 10 will not automatically install large updates like the May 2019 Update and October 2018 Update every six months without your permission. Now, you’ll see a notification and it’s your choice.

Do not want to install that’s fine. You can use your current version of WI

Speed ​​improvements (thanks to better specs fixes)

The news of Specter shook the industry at the beginning of 2018. Spector CPU has a design flaw, and it allows programs to avoid its restrictions and to read the memory spaces of other programs. Microsoft helpline number +1-844-728-4045 (Toll-Free) patched Windows to help prevent spam strikes, but as a result, the patch reduced the performance of your PC in some scenarios – especially on PCs before and earlier, in which to speed up the fix There are no CPU features needed.

7 GB of storage reserve for your PC for updates

If your PC does not have enough disk space, then Windows updates may fail to install properly. It can be a problem only on cheap devices with only a small amount of built-in storage.

Microsoft is resolving this problem by commanding 7 GB about your PC’s storage and in “reserved storage”. This location is used for Windows updates, but programs can store temporary files here. When windows require space to update, this temporary files

A Light Desktop Theme

Windows 10 now has a shiny new light theme. Start menu, taskbar, notification, action center sidebar, print dialog, and other interface elements can now be light rather than dark. The latest update to Windows 10 also have a new default desktop wallpaper that matches the new theme.

Technically, Windows 10 now has two different options: Windows mode and App mode. The old default theme, which added a dark taskbar (dark windows mode) with the light app mode, is still an option. You can do this

Windows Sandbox for Professional Users

Windows 10 now has a “built-in Windows sandbox”. This is everything we always wanted: an integrated, isolated desktop environment where you can run the software in the container without affecting your host operating system. When you close the sandbox, all the software and files in the sandbox are deleted. It uses hardware-based virtualization to keep software limited in a container just like Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Available hardware for sandboxes- for example, GPU,

A low-clutter default start menu

Microsoft is cleaning the default start menu. The default start menu is now just one column and very simple. Yes, this is not right, and there is still Candy Crush Saga – but at least that game has been buried in the “Play” folder.

You have not seen these changes on the existing PC. However, when you start using a new PC or start using a new user account on your current PC, you will see a cleaner start menu.

If you are not the person who started the cleaner.

Zoom (and More) in the Console

The console of Windows 10 now lets you zoom in and out. Simply hold down the Ctrl key and scroll with your mouse or trackpad. With the default Console font, the text is displayed in the console well and no matter how much you zoom in, it looks pixilated. The frame aspect ratio remains the same, so the text does not overflow on different lines, either.

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