Solve Reinstalling Microsoft office issues

Solve Reinstalling Microsoft office issues

People often complain about Microsoft programs after the establishment. And there are many issues that are related to Microsoft once and especially after upgrading your Windows to the latest version.

People are facing this issue regularly and there was no practical solution for this. We are trying to provide a comprehensive solution to this problem once with the help of Microsoft experts. But if your problem is not solved by this then you should contact the Microsoft Office support phone number +1-844-728-4045.

When you are trying to open an Office application like Outlook or Word, here’s a list of errors.

  • There was an error in Word when opening the file
  • Your take can not be opened with this application because you are trying to open is corrupted
  • The application is not starting, it freezes on the start window
  • PowerPoint is not working

These are some errors that occur when you are trying to reinstall the Office program. Okay, you can solve these errors by updating your OS to the latest version. Newly updated rejection of Oce will improve the efficiency of all office programs.

To Update the Office

  • Open the Office application and click on the File section
  • Now, click on the account section and then under ‘Options’ click on the ‘Update now’ button
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions of the Update Wizard to update the application

Updating the programs can x the most issues related to office programs. But, if your issue is not fixed with this then you can contact the Microsoft support number+1-844-728-4045 and get the help from the professionals.

  • When you are trying to reinstall a program you might get errors like these.
  • Windows installer service is not starting
  • Windows installer service is down

Problem: Errors while trying to open Office applications

  • The word application shows that “there was an error trying to open the word file”
  • In Excel, you get “This file is corrupt and can not be opened”
  • The PowerPoint application can present one of the following errors
  • “The application was unable to start correctly”
  • “PowerPoint found a problem with <filename>”
  • “Sorry, PowerPoint <filename> can not be read”

Solution: Update Office application

  • You can update each office application individually. Let’s try with the MS Word application.
  • Open MS Word and click on the File tab
  • Go to accountant select update option
  • Click the update now button
  • Follow the same steps to update other Office applications

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